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Nunung Comedian and Husband Arrested Using Sabu

Tri Retno Prayudati aka Nunung is positive for using methamphetamine after undergoing a urine test.[IST]

TRANSINDONESIA.CO – A well-known comedian with a fat body, Tri Retno Prayudati aka Nunung and her husband Juli Jan Sambiran, was arrested by officers in the Tebet Timur III residential area, South Jakarta, Friday (7/19/2019) starting at 13:15 WIB.

The husband and wife were taken away because they were found to be stuck with evidence. 1 clip of methamphetamine weighing 0.36 grams of leftovers was found in the bedroom.

Head of Sub-Directorate of Police 1 Suspended by Metro Jaya Regional Police, AKBP Jean Calvijn Simanjuntak requested the arrest of Comedian Srimulat Nunung when raided in a 2 gram bucket previously purchased by Nunung, Hadi Moheriyanto aka Heri aka Tabu, whom I had been taken away from house to house.

“Initially the team received public information at TKP 2 (Nunung house) which often happened about drug transactions and transactions, so that the suspect Heri’s arrest was not found in drugs, but I just sold methamphetamine to Nunung whose money was confiscated Rp3.7 million and 1 cellphone, “Calvijn said.

From Heri’s confession, the officer immediately launched into Nunung’s house and when it was raided Nunung sent 2 grams of methamphetamine to the cupboard to remove evidence.

When being searched, officers found 0.36 gr of leftover shabu left over which had been purchased three days ago from Heri purchased through E which is now in police pursuit.

“The 2 grams of sugar that was received by Nunung had already been released into the bathroom cabinet with Rp3.7 million in cash to Heri, who had previously borrowed Rp1.1 million,” Cavijn said.

According to Calvijn, Nunung and asked to have bought sabu for Heri 10 times in the past three months.

“Nunung’s confession he used methamphetamine five months ago for stamina at work,” said Calvjin.

To ensure that Nunung uses methamphetamine, the police have carried out a urine test that produces positive results. “From the urine test, Nunung is positive to use methamphetamine drugs,” he said. [MIL]



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