INW Asks the Police to Test the Urine of the Around Artists in Nunung

Tri Retno Prayudati aka Nunung when asked by the police to show the place of the comedian to throw evidence of shabu-shabu in the closet when it was raided by the police on Friday (7/19/2019). [IST]

TRANSINDONESIA.CO – Indonesia Narcotic Watch (INW) considers the arrest of comedian Tri Retno Prayudati aka Nunung “Srimulat” with her husband, July Jan Sambiran, at his residence, Jalan Tebet Timur, South Jakarta, Friday (7/19/2019).

The Metro Jaya Police Narcotics Detective Directorate secures the remaining 0.36 grams of methamphetamine packages found at Nunung’s house. This evidence is alleged to have been used by Nunung and her husband.

Based on the recognition of drug dealers, Nunung has already bought 10 methamphetamine drugs for HM. On Friday (7/19/2019), Nunung ordered 2 grams of methamphetamine to be delivered to his house.

HM sets the price of 1 gram of methamphetamine worth Rp1,3 million. That same day, Nunung received 2 grams of shabu packages for Rp2,5 million.

From the results of the Indonesian Narcotics Watch investigation from 2018 to July 2019, many artists, especially artists in the nearby neighborhood of Nunung, who are alleged to have abused the forbidden type of shabu goods to appear excellent when shooting their programs.

INW supports police actions in combating drug trafficking in all circles, including artists. In contrast, INW also reminded the police not to “flirt” with suspects and other parties who tried to intervene.

“We urge the police not only to stop until Nunung and July. I request that the police follow up on urine examinations of artists in the closest neighborhood of Nunung who always appear on private television screens,” said INW Chairman Budi Tanjung in Jakarta on Saturday (7/20/2019).

Before Nunung, the police also arrested a number of Srimulat comedians related to drug cases. Among other things, Polo was twice arrested in 2000 and 2004. In addition, Doyok was also arrested in 2000, Tesy was arrested in October 2014, and Gogon was arrested in 2007.

“We recommend that Nunung help the police in uncovering drug trafficking among artists. Tell the police who are the artists involved in drugs and bookies who are used to supplying methamphetamine to artists,” said Budi Tanjung. [REL]

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