Indonesian Lawyer Sends Letters, Videos to Singaporean Supreme Court Regarding John Soh and BM

Resmen and Partners Law Firm

TRANSINDONESIA.CO –  On behalf of his client an Indonesian lawyer in Jakarta sent letters and videos to the Singaporean Supreme Court Singapore related to John Soh Chee Wen, a Malaysian businessman who involved in legal cases in Singapore.

In the letters copied to the Singaporean embassy in Jakarta, Resmen Kadapi from Resmen and Partners Law Firm, who represented his client, an Indonesian businessman identified as A, said the videos show John Soh Chee Wen met with BM, known as an Indonesian businessman.

“We hope the Singaporean government investigate John Soh and his relation with BM,” he said Thursday (7/25/2019) in Jakarta.

A video dated on June 3, 2016 at  9:47, 10:20, 11:11, 11:35, dan 16:02,  shows John Soh met with BM at the 2nd floor of Lion Gold Corporation office on Muhammed Sultan Road 59, Singapore.

Meanwhile, his report on behalf of his client, HA, to the police related to alleged fraud and embezzlement of shares buying and selling of PT Silangkop Nusa Raya Related is now under investigation. Police investigators have called Boelio Muliadi, Alwijaya, Amran and Dexter Syarif Putra, for questioning, Resmen said.[REL]


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