Tomorrow Nyepi, The Tourists Leave Bali

Day Raya Nyepi
Day Raya Nyepi

TRANSINDONESIA.CO – Greet Day Raya Nyepi new year It 1937, tomorrow Saturday (21/3/2015), tourists and workers and the public from various areas beerja and live without settling in Bali left the Island Dewata, Bali.

“The level of cot in a hotel or losen when it’s quiet, because wisatwan opt out of Bali during the Days of Raya Nyepi,” said Irawan one of the workers of the hotel dikawasan close to the Beach Kuta to, Friday (20/3/2015).

Disebutkannya, tourists at this time a lot of left Bali to go to the Island of Lombok, because if they stayed in Bali do not bias do the activity on the Day of Raya Nyepi.

“Not only tourists, but the workers and people’s lives but not menetapk in Bali also choose to go home or out of Bali,” said Irawan.

He says, the workers and the people who don’t live in Bali that most of the Island of Java, so they’d rather go home kampong than survive in Bali.

“Yes, they chose to go back to kampong, today a lot of the home with the use of a boat crossing to the Port of Ketapang, Banyumas,” said Irawan.

Ngurah Rai Close

422 flights to and from Bali at the Airport I Ngurah Rai will not operate during the Days of Raya Nyepi. Co General Manager PT Space Act I (Persero) Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, I Gusti Ngurah Ardita said, closing do start at 0600 Wita on 21 March 2015 until 0600 hours Wita on 22 March 2015.

“A domestic flight or international with the final destination and the first departure from the Airport Ngurah Rai will be closed during the Day Raya Nyepi,” said Ardita at the Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Bali, pecan ago.

Ardita continue, closing the airport at the time of Nyepi it’s been done since the year 2000 refers to a letter Dirjen Nexus Air AU/2696/DAU/1796/99 dated 1 September 1999. However, the airport will still provide personnel to an emergency situation at the time of Nyepi.

“This airport alternative. Certain conditions for an emergency landing we stay alert power operation. Institution, other, security, and others as well disiagakan,” uncovering him.

“There’s a 258 a domestic flight and 164 international flights are not operating. Total flight does not operate as many as 422 flight during Nyepi,” said Ardita.

He menuturkan, that the last flight is the purpose of South Korea at 03.00 Wita on 21 March 2015. Ardita add, Airport Ngurah Rai towards the Nyep will have density.

He claims that he, not counting losses or save money for Nyepi progress. “This is part of the culture. So, we didn’t take into account a disadvantage,” the grating.(oki)

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