Loss of AirAsia Still Dark


TRANSINDONESIA.CO – Until now owned airline AirAsia plane was lost contact with ATC tower Juanda International Airport since Sunday (12/28/2014) morning, which carries 155 passengers including crew on the plane Surabaya-Singapore route.

“Currently there is no further information, search and rescue operations (Search and Rescue) is running and we coordinate with all parties involved in this process,” said Secretary & Head of Corporate Communications at PT. Indonesia AirAsia, Audrey Progastama Petriny to, Sunday (12/28/2014) afternoon.

AirAsia numbered QZ8501 flight departs at 5:20 pm, while the data show the number of passengers there are 155 people consisting of 138 adults, 24 children and 1 infant.

The aircraft allegedly missing on the island of Borneo. The aircraft was flown by Captain irianto with copilot Remi Imannuel.(sof)

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