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High Court Urged Unloading North Sumatra Medan Mayor Alleged Corruption

eldin kpk dan kejagung Mayor of Medan, Dzulmi Eldin (inset), illustration building KPK and AGO.


TRANSINDONESIA.CO – Chief Prosecutor’s Office in North Sumatra, Muhammad Yusni asked to uphold his promise and did not deny the duties and authority as law enforcement to dismantle or expose corruption cases without selective logging, especially cases that had been buried.

“We promise a good appreciation of the prosecutors North Sumatra to uncover and dismantle the cases that had been buried, especially corruption cases involving officials in North Sumatra,” said the Chairman of the Corruption Prevention Society of North Sumatra Forum Against Corruption (Formasu-AK), ST Syfruddin to reporters in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/06/2014).

Because it says Syfruddin, Formasu-AK urged the prosecutors North Sumatra unload cases the task of implementing the Mayor of Medan Dzulmi Eldin Rp14 billion alleged corruption while serving as Chief Revenue Office of Medan in 2005.

“Head of North Sumatra High Kejakasaan must prioritize cases Dzulmi Eldin, besides buried for eight years, this case has also been reported to the Corruption Eradication Commission by the Anti-Corruption Activists Sumatra,” he said.

He said the case Dzulmi Eldin has been a concern of society, hence the need immediately to be revealed so that people mengetauhi clear whether the Acting Mayor of Medan was proven true or it is not guilty of corruption.

“North Sumatra High Court should also uncover transparency in this case, the promise of North Sumatra chief prosecutor himself to be transparency in exposing cases that occurred in Sumatra, especially cases of corruption without selective logging,” he said Eldin Dzulmi hope this case can be revealed.

Formasu-AK deeply regrets statement of the Head of the Legal Section, North Sumatra Prosecutor’s Office, Chandra Purnama, which is not the case mengetauhi Dzulmi Eldin buried for eight years.

“That is the mayor of Medan, to conjecture what, we have not been there,” said Chandra as confirmed on Monday (09/06/2014).

It is further Syfruddin, North Sumatra Attorney should put the right people and know the cases reported by the community and are being handled by the High Court of North Sumatra.

“Head of North Sumatra Prosecutor’s Office should take off and replace the Head of Information Law that does not dominate the existing problems or cases in the region of North Sumatra. That all existing cases in the institution he leads can be disassembled without selective logging,” he said.

As Hasiolan Siregar of the Anti-Corruption Activists Sumatra says it has eight years to report suspected cases to the Regional Police Dzulmi Eldin North Sumatra and North Sumatra Prosecutor’s Office, which until now has not been well examined.

Until the end of alleged corruption reported Hasiolan Siregar to the Corruption Eradication Commission on May 9, 2014.

“It’s just Mayor unclear legal status, because the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Attorney General does not go check out and catch it. Thing was obviously greatly impact on development, see roads getting damaged badly,” said Hasiolan that time.(dhon/sof)



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