Employees Of Origin Taiwan Dead

Friday, 3 July 2015, 00:29:27 | TRANSDUNIA


TRANSINDONESIA.CO – An employee of origin Sichuan, Taiwan, was killed due to hit the iron at work at PT Jakarta Central Asia Steel in Highway Bekasi KM 21-22, Kelurahan Rawaterate, Cakung, East Jakarta, Thursday (2/7/2015).

The victim named Wang Hai Hong, 40 years old, died due to wounds in the chest and right thigh, and his body was sent to the HOSPITAL Cipto Mangunkusumo, Jakarta to do outopsi.

Information from the Officers Supervisor Polsek Metro Cakung, Ipda Suwarno, events occurred sekira at 05:30 WIB.

According to the description the witness was an employee, Zardiwal, 32 years old, said when the incident the victim was working in the operator rooling suddenly tertimpa the iron is hot who is still running on the machine rolling.

“The iron’s still hot smashed into a wall plate so that the iron turn and hit the victim,” clear Ipda Suwarno based on the description of witnesses Zardiwal.

The victim died at the scene with wounds in the chest and the thigh to the right. Now the body was sent to the RSCM to do outopsi. The case dealt Polsek Metro Cakung.(min)


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