Early Years, 2 members of Brimob in Timika Found Dead

Saturday, 3 January 2015, 01:20:39 | TRANSPAPUA
Police in Papua

Police in Papua

TRANSINDOENSIA.CO – 2 Brimob members on behalf Bripda Riyan Hariansyah (22) and Bripda M. Adpriadi (22) was killed by a jab sharps injuries on his body while conducting patrols around Utikini, Timika, Papua.

Papua Police spokesman said Police Commissioner warin Patridge, both at around 20:30 CET, Thursday, January 1st, 2015, carrying out patrols toward Utikini using Amoret LWB Toyota Cars in white with hull number 014 900 together with the employees of PT Freeport Indonesia on behalf of Suko Miartono (32 ).

Around 21:00 CEST, since there is no contact or communication, other patrol cars led Ipda Risky patrol heading to the same place that Utikini.

“When they arrived at the bridge Utikini area, members of the second patrol saw the car in the stopped state patrol team then 2 down check and found three victims lying around the car in case of injury jab then immediately evacuated to the hospital Tembagapura.

“Bripda Riyan Hariansyah died with jab sharps injuries on his body, including in the hand or right arm broken, wounded jab back of the head, a bullet wound in the left neck, and a gunshot wound to the back of the head. Then Bripda M Adpriadi injured jab the neck, the head wound jab jab back and cuts on his right hand. While Suko Miartono who daily work as a security PT Freeport suffered stab wounds in the chest, “explained Patridge, Friday (02/01/2015).

While Suko Miartono also died with a gunshot wound in the waist, chest and right arm. “The plan is the second corpse Brimob will be dispatched tomorrow to Palembang using Airfast plane around 11:00 CEST,” Patridge said.

The police checked Pascakejadian 3 witnesses whom Ipda Risky, Brigadier Sandy Prima Nugraha and Bripda Aaron A. Rasif.

“Mimika Police Police also have done if the crime scene led by AKP Sarraju and found 13 shell 9 mm and 4 rounds of ammunition 5.56 mm,” he explained.

When conducting searches, police also found three people who are under the influence of liquor and when would be the arrest, his third run and jump in time and one person was caught on behalf Mekson Waker, residents Kimbiki and then secured to the Mimika district police.(ant /lp /kum)

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