Indonesia Builds Hospital in Africa

Military forces to build a hospital in Africa.(ist)
Military forces to build a hospital in Africa.(ist)

TRANSINDONESIA.CO – To support the smooth running MINUSCA Mission (United Nations Integrated Multi-Dimensional Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic) or the mission of the United Nations (UN) in the Central African Republic (CAR), the availability of the Hospital as a referral health care for all personnel component of the United Nations (UN), both civilian and military, who are involved in the mission is of paramount importance.

The number of components involved to reach thousands and come from various countries, of course, need to get the service and quick action if there is something related to health or other things that require medical assistance.

Conditions CAR countries are still in transition after the political turmoil and security conditions are still unstable, making public infrastructure including inadequate referral hospital, either for themselves or for the people of CAR UN personnel, especially now that the threat of Ebola virus is still a disease very deadly in the African continent.

To that end, after the opening of the Mission on 15 September 2014 and, Mission Support Centre through its Director Michael Ranahan decided to build Hospital Level II for the purposes of UN personnel who were in the CAR.

Soldiers who are members of the Task Force Company of Engineers (Task Kizi) TNI Garuda Contingent (Konga) XXXVII-A / Minusca under the command of Lt. Col. K. Czi Alfius Navirinda as Commander Task Force (Dansatgas) which is a peace force of Engineers Indonesia had the honor and trust to be development practitioners Hospital established in the middle of the capital city of CAR, the Bangui. As we know that there are three forces contingent Engineers involved in missions in Minusca namely Indonesia, Cambodia and Pakistan.

The work began in early November 2014 was entirely funded by the United Nations to use an area of 0.5 ha located in the area Berthlemy Bouganda KM 4.5 Bangui. Kizi Peace TNI soldiers do the job with gusto. Given what they kerjakaan today is the work that is useful to people.

“The work undertaken started clearing land, building 40 room allotment for hospital operations including office space and hospitalization, 6 pieces ablution and kitchen facilities as well as electricity and water work. Currently the work is up to the manufacture of ceramic floor and at the end of the work is scheduled for completion in January 2015, “said Dansatgas.

Furthermore Dansatgas said that, the Hospital’s Level II belongs to the UN will be operationalized contingent of Serbia which sends a contingent of health by 64 people consisting of elements of general practitioners, specialists, paramedics and supporters.

“Level II hospital will have space inpatient facilities, general surgery, laboratory, dental clinic, and isolation if the worst happens related to Ebola,” said Lt. Col. Czi Alfius.

Distance job location is 7 miles from Camp Garuda where the troops were, the security situation is not stable and can not be expected, at any time they heard gunshots from the warring parties, did not dampen the spirit of the soldiers to enforce the red and white in the international arena as peacekeepers under the aegis of the United Nations. (sof)

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