2 Iran Citizens Threatened Death Penalty

Friday, 5 September 2014, 11:22:32 | TRANSDUNIA


TRANSINDONESIA.CO – Two Iran citizen, Sayed Hashem Moosavipour and Mustota Moradalivand, under sentence of death for his involvement in the case of narcotics and drugs (drugs).

Defendant charged under Article 114, paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph 1 of Article 112 paragraph 2 subsidiary in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph 1 of Law Decree number 35/2009 on narcotics for possession and trafficking of narcotics with the most severe penalty of the death sentence and the lightest jail term for five years , said State Attorney Prosecutor Cibadak, Rio Situmeang in the reading of the charges against the two defendants in the District Court Cibadak, Palabuhanratu, Sukabumi, West Java, on Tuesday (02/09/2014).

Meanwhile, Chief of the General Crimes Section Kejari Cibadak, district, Youris Rawando declare the trial a new indictment, for the punishment of all decisions in the hands of the judges.

At the trial of this indictment the defendants who can not speak English and Indonesian, had to be accompanied by a translator appointed by the Persian Iranian Embassy to Indonesia Fahmi Al Jufri with the attorney Saprudin.

Meanwhile, the leadership of the judges Tafsir Sembiring said hearing postponed one week to listen to the answers of the accused to the prosecutor’s indictment.

“Our trial delayed one week and will resume on September 9, the lawyers, the defendant and the prosecutor to prepare the agenda of the next session,” said the Chief Justice, Tafsir Sembiring in the trial.

Disclosure narcotics type cases shabu weighing 40 pounds that involves both the Iranians last occurred in January 2014.

Both the current status of the accused arrested by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) will take evidence when narcotics are planted in Tangkuban Parahu Nature Reserve, Kampung Batu Sapi, Village / District Palabuhanratu.(ant/din)


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