Law Enforcement in North Sumatra “buried” the Acting Mayor of Medan Corruption

eldin dan kapoltabesActing Mayor of Medan, Dzulmi Eldin S MSi and Medan police chief Comr Nico Afinta while inaugurating the grand opening of a photo exhibition and book launch titled Calling Kelud Sinabung in D’ Loaf Thamrin Plaza Medan, on Friday (16/05/2014). (ist)

TRANSINDONESIA.CO – Anti Corruption Aktifitis North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Hasiolan Siregar said Rp14 billion corruption allegedly committed Executing tasks (Acting) Mayor Dzulmi Eldin field while serving as Chief Revenue Service Medan 2005, one case of corruption in North Sumatra buried behind the law enforcement desk.

“It’s a small example, the case of Eldin , how else corruption cases as large as the Governor of North Sumatra who use public money during the campaign Gubsu nomination yesterday. Yet it was not moving, hidden in the table unscrupulous law enforcement,” said Hasiolan when contacted, Sunday (05/18/2014).

Many cases in North Sumatra, but law enforcement does not have the moral to disclose it, quite the contrary harbored a case that has hurt the country’s money.

For it is said Hasiolan, do not be sluggish and law enforcement must have the will and bold check Eldin and process until to court .

“Our state law should state prosecutor or the police call Eldin and inspect and process it to the court. Society let me know what was done by the leader of the people’s money,” he said. (DHONA)

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