Emon victims of the ‘King of Sodomy ‘ Chance of More than 100 Children

si emon peleceh seksual anakEmon the ‘King of Sodomy ‘ is currently undergoing examination Sukabumi district police.(ist)



TRANSINDONESIA.CO – victims of physical violence by way of child sexual abuse victims, perpetrators aka Emon matching AS  referred to as ‘King of Sodomy’ it continues beratambah, estimated to be victims of more than 100 children.

Entering the fourth day, the number had grown examination of 16 children so that the total number of victims until Monday (5/52014) night had 89 children.

“Today the number of families who are victims of AS. children reported as many as 16 people. Altogether already get a medical examination and data collection were carried out by the officers,” said Police Chief Sukabumi City, AKBP Hari Santoso in Sukabumi, West Java, last night.

Families who come to it voluntarily reported their children who are victims of sexual violence AS. On average 8-11 year old victim, but have not found any victims who contracted the disease.

Of the 89 children were reported, said Hari Santoso, 61 children have undergone the process of BAP. There were 27 more children who have not undergone the BAP as not present.

Therefore, it appealed to all families who suspect their children and relatives who were victims to immediately report Emon.

Furthermore, it also has conducted further investigation to the suspect and will conduct an evaluation of the information obtained from suspects to uncover this case down to its roots.

In the medical examination of the victim, as many as seven children suffered damage to her anus. One of them suffered severe injuries in the anus and still bleeds. Meanwhile, the rest suffered abrasions.

“The important thing now is how to remove the trauma victims and prosecute those who are victims of the AS. Did not rule numbers will continue to increase considering there are still some families who report that their children are victims Emon,” he added. (ant sap)

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